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Hello, Solander, Welcome to Wikipedia!
I hope you like working here and want to continue. If you need help on how to name new articles, look at Naming Conventions, and for help on formatting the pages visit the Manual of Style. If you need general help, look at Help and the FAQ, and if you can't find your answer there, check the Village pump (for Wikipedia related questions) or the Reference Desk (for general questions). There's still more help at the Tutorial and the Policy Library. Also, don't forget to visit the Community Portal — and if you have any more questions after that, feel free to post them on my New-Users' Talk Page.
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Happy editing!

Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 11:13, 7 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Hey Solander,

Welcome and enjoy Wikipedia. Your edits are much appreciated.

These links might help you with your contributions:

For Wikipedia-wide involvement, visit the Communtiy Portal and the Village Pump.

Be sure to check out Australian resources, like Australian Collaboration of the Fortnight, New Australian Articles and Australian stub articles. You can list yourself at Australian Wikipedians.

Also, assuming you're an Adelaidean, have you considered participating in WikiProject Adelaide? We need all the help we can get!

Again, welcome.--Cyberjunkie 04:37, 21 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Add more pictures to Wikipedia ...[edit]


I was trying to organize the models to make more sense to the uninitiated. Many sourced I read clearly divided them by cylinders, so I did too. I have no problem organizing them differently, but I think they should be sorted somehow to show the progression from model to model. I'd be happy to see your ideas! --SFoskett 12:10, Jun 24, 2005 (UTC)

Jack & Manual of Style[edit]

Hi. Thanks for your edits to Jack, especially fixing the typo in my last revision. I hope you don't mind that I've altered some of your latest edit. I've been doing a lot of work lately fixing up disambiguation pages to match the suggestions in Wikipedia:Manual of Style (disambiguation pages). Based on the M of S, I don't think the thing-that-picks-up-cars entry is really needed, since Wikipedia doesn't have an article about that. Also, note the suggestions about how to format links, particularly the use of pipes. The goal here is to help people find the article they were looking for, not to be an exhaustive reference on all possible uses of the term. RoySmith 5 July 2005 01:00 (UTC)

Thanks for your reply. I think the question is, "Is it likely that somebody would be looking for an article on car jacks and type jack into the search box?" If the answer to that is "yes" (and perhaps it is indeed), then I think a better entry would be Jack (tool), a device used for lifting heavy objects, and I would put it in the top section along with the other parenthesized titles. Then I would go and write the Jack (tool) article.

As for Union Jack, terse is better than verbose, but incorrect is clearly worse than either. I had thought that adding "(UK)" would make it more self-explanatory, but I see now that this was wrong. Thanks for pointing that out; I've corrected the entry.

If I was starting from scratch, I suspect I wouldn't have put Jack-in-the-box or Samurai Jack in either, but I was starting from an existing (mess of a) page and was concentrating more on getting it to conform to the Manual of Style than anything else. I don't own the page; if you feel they should be deleted (or the Jack (tool) entry added), please go ahead and do so. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the existing M of S.

RoySmith 5 July 2005 12:52 (UTC)

And, BTW, I do agree 100% with your removing Jack Layton. He's just one of many, many people with that first name. Listing them all would be silly, and there's no reason to have him over the others. I thought about deleting that entry myself; I'm not sure why I decided not to. RoySmith 5 July 2005 12:58 (UTC)

Lawn Bowls vs. Lawn Bowling[edit]

As a Canadian bowler, I am 100% certain that in Canada that the two words lawn bowling/lawn bowls are used interchangably; therefore they should both be in the article. Clubs tend to be known as ~city~ Lawn Bowling Club, whereas national/provincial associations tend to be ~state/country~ Lawn Bowls Association. I am reasonably certain of this in the United States as some of my fellow bowlers at my home club also bowl out of clubs in Florida, known as ~city~ Lawn Bowling Club. --OntarioQuizzer 01:10, 22 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

You're not wrong, but you clobbered it. When you go lawn bowling you play lawn bowls. When you go golfing you play golf. Didn't you cover the pesky 'ing' words in English Grammar at school. There are web pages on this. The game is 'Lawn Bowls' ... closer to your home you will find All trivial ... but the main thing is are you any good as a bowler? --Solander 05:07, 22 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Golf clubs aren't known as ~name~ Golfing Club. They're known as ~name~ Golf Club. I still firmly believe that in my part of the world, the two words are used interchangably to both refer to the sport, meaning, they should both be included in the article. Regarding your final question of me, you seem to be armed with enough information to find out for yourself. Try hunting around that website you just provided, see what you can find in terms of tournament results. *wink* --OntarioQuizzer 14:22, 22 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]


I have changed the table to what I now believe to be correct. You could have changed it yourself if you wanted rather than threatening to revert it. Malcolma

Wolseley post war list - missing cars[edit]

Not really guilty as I only added the list of cars from the 1930's. I intend to add the 1920's ones later as well. I think the 1949 18/85 is not listed in the post war cars is that it had a chassis and the post war list is limited to monocoque cars. I had to look up the 24/80 as I had not heard of it but yes it existed as an Australian market only model. So, what do we do with the post war list, extend it to all cars by deleting the monocoque restriction? A separate list of post war chassis based cars? Other chassis based post war cars include the Eight (1946-48), Ten (1939-48), 12/48 (1937-48) and 25 (1938-48) - source A-Z of cars 1945-1970. The 24/80 didn't have a chassis so should certainly be added. Malcolma 17:07, 25 November 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Image copyright problem with Image:Jaguar_mark4.jpg[edit]

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This is an automated notice by OrphanBot. If you have questions about copyright tagging of images, post on Wikipedia talk:Image copyright tags or User talk:Carnildo/images. 06:49, 6 March 2006 (UTC)

Unblock request[edit]

As the unblock template you placed on your page says "If the block message says that your IP address is blocked or that your IP address was recently used by a blocked user, please paste the block message or post your IP address below as we have no way of unblocking you if your username itself was not blocked", your username hasn't been directly blocked, we need that information. --pgk(talk) 07:15, 15 June 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Here is my block message, encountered when I try to edit the Wikipedia page Kitty. Your user name or IP address has been blocked from editing. You were blocked by Master Jay for the following reason (see our blocking policy): vandalism Your IP address is

Apologies if you're already aware of this, but the Inaugural Adelaide Meetup will take place on Thursday 24th of August at Brougham Place Uniting Church, thanks to Alex Sims. Please indicate if you will attend or not.

This message left by May the Force be with you! Shreshth91($ |-| ŗ 3 $ |-| ţ |-|) on behalf of [ælfəks], 10:11, 13 August 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Meetup on 23rd April 2007[edit]

Hi Solander,

Apologies if you're already aware of this, but I'd like to let you know that the second Adelaide Meetup will take place on Monday 23rd of April at ZUMA Caffe, 56 Gouger Street, Adelaide. The meeting is at 7:30am for breakfast with Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales. Please see Wikipedia:Meetup/Adelaide/Meetup 2 for more details and indicate if you might attend.

Thanks,–cj | talk 13:55, 23 March 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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Adelaide Wikimeetup 3[edit]

Riverside Precinct Adelaide Meetup
Next: TBA
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Hi Solander - we're planning a third meetup in Adelaide sometime in the coming weeks, and would love to have you there. If you can, please help decide a location, a date and a time here. Thanks! ~ Riana 12:32, 16 January 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Adelaide Wikimeetup 3[edit]

Riverside Precinct Adelaide Meetup
Next: TBA
Last: 6 March 2020
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Hi Solander - after some planning we've decided to hold the third Adelaide Wikimeetup on Sunday, 17th February, 2008. The meeting will be held at Billy Baxter's in Rundle Mall at 11:30AM. Further details and directions are available on the meetup page. Please RSVP here by 20:00UTC on 15th February 2008 (that's 6AM Saturday for our time zone) so that we can inform the restaurant about numbers. Hope to see you there!

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On behalf of Riana , 11:30, 5 February 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Adelaide Meetup 22 – Friday 6 March 2020[edit]

Riverside Precinct Adelaide Meetup
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WikiProject Adelaide Meetup 22 has been hastily arranged, spread the word!

DATE: Friday 6 March 2020

TIME: 5.00–6.30 pm

VENUE: Cafe Amore, 162-170 Pulteney St, Adelaide

Celebrate the long weekend with a meet-up and discuss what you'd like to see in the world of Wikimedia in 2020. Sign-up and RSVP here.

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