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As/Is Volume Six Cover
Live album by
ReleasedOctober 19, 2004
RecordedJuly 16 – August 14, 2004
GenrePop rock, blues rock
LabelColumbia (Cat: C2K 93542)
ProducerChad Franscoviak
John Mayer
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Heavier Things
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As/Is is a live album by John Mayer, released October 19, 2004, available for download from iTunes and also available as a double-CD release. The albums were released from live concert performances across the United States from the tour following the release of Mayer's second album, Heavier Things. The recordings include five albums-worth of material as sold on iTunes. As of July 2009, the four concert-specific albums were still available on iTunes in the United States, though Volume One is no longer available; Each album has its own artwork. A two-disc compilation was released physically and digitally which features the "best" of the iTunes series, plus an additional song, "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)", a Marvin Gaye cover. In "Inner City Blues", Mayer called upon DJ Logic, the support act of the Heavier Things tour, to join him to perform a turntable solo.

Performing band[edit]

The songs all feature Mayer's touring band of the time:

Cover art for the series[edit]

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is the basis of the CD cover.

Volume one features a cut-out silhouette version of Mayer (from the cover of Heavier Things) with two tones of blue. As it is separate from the other volumes, its artwork is rather distinct from the rest.

Artwork for the covers of volumes two, three, four, and five is by the artist Kozyndan. They feature bunnies in out-of-character situations on their covers, including hanging from helium balloons (two) and in washing machines (three). The bunnies on the cover of four begin as amoeba and diagonally evolve into bunnies. The cover of volume five has several bunnies with their midsections replaced with springs.

The CD release continued the use of bunnies, using the artwork 'Uprisings' by Kozyndan, which has hundreds of bunnies in formation to appear like revered Japanese artwork The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The artwork was originally created as a cover for issue 28 of the magazine Giant Robot.[2] Notably, the CD is considered volume six (the last) of the series, and The Great Wave woodblock printing is the first of a 36-part series of art.

Track listings[edit]

As/Is iTunes EP[edit]

Volume one
December 1, 2003
  1. "Come Back to Bed"
  2. "Your Body Is a Wonderland"
  3. "Neon"
  4. "St. Patrick's Day"
  5. "83"
  6. "Bigger Than My Body"

As/Is iTunes concert releases[edit]

Volume two Volume three Volume four Volume five
Mountain View
The Woodlands
Shoreline Amphitheatre C.W. Mitchell Pavilion Blossom Music Center Riverbend Music Center Tweeter Center Meadows Music Theatre
July 16, 2004
August 10, 2004
July 24, 2004
August 17, 2004
August 3–4, 2004
August 24, 2004
August 14–15, 2004
August 31, 2004
  1. "No Such Thing"
  2. "Come Back to Bed"
  3. "Something's Missing
  4. "Split Screen Sadness"
  5. "New Deep"
  6. "Why Georgia"
  7. "Bigger Than My Body"
  8. "Home Life"
  9. "Tracing"
  10. "Comfortable"
  1. "Clarity"
  2. "No Such Thing"
  3. "Back to You"
  4. "Daughters"
  5. "Blues Intro"
  6. "Come Back to Bed"
  7. "Your Body Is a Wonderland"
  8. "Bigger Than My Body"
  9. "Comfortable"
  10. "Neon"
  1. "Only Heart"
  2. "New Deep"
  3. "No Such Thing"
  4. "Something's Missing"
  5. "My Stupid Mouth"
  6. "Daughters"
  7. "Clarity"
  8. "Quiet"
  9. "3x5"
  10. "Wheel"
  1. "Your Body Is a Wonderland"
  2. "Only Heart"
  3. "Something's Missing"
  4. "New Deep"
  5. "Daughters"
  6. "My Stupid Mouth"
  7. "Covered in Rain"
  8. "Come Back to Bed"
  9. "83"
  10. "Hummingbird"

As/Is CD release[edit]

Volume Six

# Title Composer(s) Date Venue
Disc one
1. "Only Heart" John Mayer August 3, 2004 Blossom Music Center
2. "My Stupid Mouth" Mayer August 14, 2004 Tweeter Center
3. "No Such Thing" Mayer
Clay Cook
July 24, 2004 C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
4. "Covered in Rain" Mayer August 14, 2004 Tweeter Center
5. "Split Screen Sadness" Mayer July 16, 2004 Shoreline Amphitheater
6. "Blues Intro" Mayer July 24, 2004 C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
7. "Come Back to Bed" Mayer July 24, 2004 C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
Disc two
1. "Your Body Is a Wonderland" Mayer July 24, 2004 C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
2. "Something's Missing" Mayer August 4, 2004 Riverbend Music Center
3. "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)"
Featuring DJ Logic
Marvin Gaye
James Nyx
July 27, 2004 Sandstone Amphitheater,
Bonner Springs, Kansas
4. "Clarity" Mayer August 3, 2004 Blossom Music Center
5. "3x5" Mayer August 3, 2004 Blossom Music Center
6. "Home Life" Mayer
David LaBruyere
July 16, 2004 Shoreline Amphitheater
7. "Comfortable" Mayer
July 24, 2004 C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
8. "Neon" Mayer
July 24, 2004 C.W. Mitchell Pavilion


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